Project info

Custom shuttle system moves product through a modified hydraulic press

A manufacturing company uses hydraulic presses to assemble a matrix of cylindrical parts. The goal was to modernize by adding automation (gantry robotics) to load the press without human intervention. I was asked to develop a concept of how the loading system would look, including a sequence of operations to facilitate the required product throughput.

The new concept features a dual shuttle system, one feeding and one removing the matrix trays.   The shuttles get loaded and unload by gantry robotics at each end of the shuttle system (press in the middle).  In the end the large rotary dial that formerly had 8 tooling stations now has only one, which reduced the machine footprint by roughly 75%.

How it works: We developed a servo controlled shuttle system to gently handle product as we achieve aggressive cycle times. Custom (EOAT) end of arm tooling was designed to handle parts without jostling or dropping them. The shuttle system serves two task; to automatically load and unload the press during production, and a tool changer for product changeover.